Rope’n’Fly – From Dusk Till Dawn

Rope’n’Fly – From Dusk Till Dawn! The sequel to the original best selling iPhone swinging game!

Use your ropes to swing a destructible ragdoll from one skyscraper to the others. You have full control over your ropes, touch on a building to throw your rope there, touch again to release it and fly through the sky. Perform various kind of jumps to get achievements, attach to flying planes or ballons and try to beat your friends or all other players by competing with them for the best score.

  • Tight and fast paced gameplay
  • Amazing looking graphics
  • Realistic physic engine for the player, ropes and objects
  • Play in different daytime, from Dusk through Night till Dawn
  • Customize your player, choose from characters and ropes
  • Destructible ragdoll effects
  • Various objects to rope to like balloons or planes
  • Endless playing in never ending cities
  • Various game modes including free mode
  • A lot of achievements to unlock
  • Online and Offline leaderboard
  • Directly compare yourself against all other players or your friends
  • Supports Openfeint and GameCenter
  • Universal app, play in HD on any iOS device, including iPads e one touch control gameplay