Fleet Control, Published by Djinnworks

Djinnworks is happy to announce its first publishing partner, Michael Traunau from IT Traunau, and its first published game Fleet Control!

Fleet Control for iOS will be available 7th, march 2013 for iPhone, iPod and iPad!

3 Take command of the deadliest warship ever built. Pump up your adrenaline and launch your fighter planes to defend the ship against an overwhelming enemy army. Beware of stealth planes sneaking up to your carrier or warships coming at you full speed ahead. Show no weakness to your enemy, just blast em away as fast as they come when all hell breaks loose.Get promoted to rise your score and show your friends who has air superiority. Are you strong and fast enough to be a fleet admiral?


– 3 levels of difficulty: easy, normal and insanely hard
– Interactive tutorial
– Full Game Center support
– Compare yourself to your friends and worldwide
– Really amazing retina graphics on iPhone
– Full retina support on iPad 3 and 4
– Realistic physics enabled
– Lots of different enemies
– Realistic pilot radio chatter
– Super smooth gameplay
– Intuitive controls



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