Djinnworks Publishing


Djinnworks offers a publishing service to expose your app a wide range of audience. Depending on your kind of app and app quality we offer:

  • Publishing under the “Djinnworks Publishing” brand
  • Link to your game from all “Djinnworks” and “Djinnworks Publishing” more games screens
  • Active cross promotion of your app in “Djinnworks” and “Djinnworks Publishing” apps, frequency and duration variable
  • Analytics
  • Promotion and Announcement on djnnworks website, facebook, twitter, etc…

With more than 100 million downloadeded Djinnworks games we have the ability to expose your new app to million of loyal users.

If your app has been selected for publishing you will get a Djinnworks Publishing Setup Document and the Publishing Game Engine Framework. It is your responsibility to integrate this framework, of course with personal support. Once your app is finished, Djinnworks will do final testing and handle the publishing and cross promotion features. Djinnworks will be responsible for the distribution of your app and decides on best tactics for promotional actions like pricing, cross promotion and announcements. Together, you and Djinnworks, will decide about critical updates, feature updates, sequels of your app, etc..

If you think your app qualifies for the Djinnworks Publishing Program (just take a look at the Djinnworks games to see if your game fits) just contact us via this email: